My Tube Tunes

My Tube Tunes 1.0

MyTubeTunes is a powerful creation software to manage your playlists
1.0 (See all)
NSI Software

MyTubeTunes is a powerful creation. By its very design, it invokes a storm of stirred emotions, moving seas of unbridled passion with the love of music within the core of your very own soul!
With over millions video files available, imagine all the music and movie files you can get with instant access!


- Listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie on your pc
- Create, listen and watch your own favorite music lists
- Instantly become your own party DJ!
- Create your own MEGA-MIX of non-stop party music!
- Automatically creates non-stop music flow in your play list
- Share your favorite music lists with your friends and family
- Put together your own unlimited play lists

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